Ok what just happened?????

What kids do to your body is just unfair! Ok I'm not totally blaming my kids, I know diet, lack of exercise, etc blah blah blah whatever! I just don't understand this, yesterday I was 21, cute and a little coordinated. Today I'm a thirty something year old who fell and just couldn't get up! First off the fall yes it was priceless to see for my kids. Funniest thing they ever saw. Mom never falls. So I understand the humor there. But oh my goodness the pain that followed is just ugh! I don't know how I fell (too busy falling) but for some reason my left arm, right ankle and knee, and just left the left side of my bootie are bruised. Badly! My kids are constantly falling off things with their daring ways, never do they pay for it days after the event. I fall one time in 20 years and I can't get up!!! Hubby rushed over to help me up and I just scream "don't touch me don't touch me!" Oh the pain!!! First off yes a little I was over dramatic cause I felt like an idiot and I needed a little sympathy from someone. Since the kids were too busy laughing their a**es off! (Damn kids where do they get their sick sense of humor from?! Oh wait nevermind..Ahem.) But I hurt so bad. I just know had this happened BP (before pregnancies) I would of jumped right up, laughed and went about my day. On the bright side had this happened after grand kids, I would of broke a hip or something. I guess it's all down hill from here. Age sucks!

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Sarah said...

I took one of those a while back with the baby in my arms because I was stomping mad at Beloved. Pride goes WITH the fall I say! Here's to a mild bruise in the AM because if it was like mine - you're gonna hurt for a minute!

Keely said...

Kids are bulletproof. I think we grow out of that, sadly!

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