Where The Hell Did You Come From?

And what the hell happened to you two???

Yes, it's gonna be one of those posts.

Every girl over the age of 30, I'd say, knows damn well you don't go starring straight into a mirror first thing in the morning! You just don't. Morning light plus just waking up equals a bad start. Theres a certain regimine you must follow!

You find things you never seen before.... some things have moved! Its just all around a bad idea!

So what the H-E-Double sippy straws was I thinking this morning?

It always starts out harmless enough. You glance up... but your eyes lock on to something. That makes you curious. So you start purposely searching for more.....Before you know it, it's been a hour, people are wondering what happened to you and your on the floor in the bathroom, in a ball, sobbing "where did it all go wrong".....

Ok maybe not that dramatic. But it really brings your morning pep down! When I say pep I mean coffee buzz.

I won't gross you out with my findings, but lets just say purdy just don't happen anymore.

I guess chin hairs are next! WooHoo!

4 Sweet Comments:

Nonna said...

I hear 'ya and it's true...one day, you look up and wonder who's staring back at you in the mirror.I've been through it all and what my Nana said was true "It takes guts to grow old gracefully and accept what you see in the mirror even though you feel 16 inside" I just laughed when she said it, but I'm glad I still remember...it's helped me a lot !

Banteringblonde said...

LOL I hear ya ... oh and then chin hair thing - my husband pulled one out for me the other day. huh?? I'm contemplating botox because i'm not graceful and growing old gracefully won't happen for me.

whoopsadasie said...

Yeah, and when you get my age, you don't even DARE look in the mirror. SCARY...JUST TOO SCARY! ;-)

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