A Chicken of a Different Color

This spring I found the cutest little chicks. They were vividly colored blue, orange, yellow, green. Like someone dipped them in Kool-Aid. I had never seen such a sight! I asked the man if he turned them these colors, thinking thats a lil inhumane to do to a 2 day old chick just to get them sold. But, happily they came this way! I call myself "The Chickenista" but there is soo much I need to learn before I can earn that title. Apparently these are leghorns that only start out colored then become plain ol' white.. I can't find anything on the web about these fun little chicks, and the guys no longer there. I knew I should of picked some of these up when I had the chance! I'm thinking about posting on Craigs List. Now that place has a lot of goodies! Anything you could ever want or need!

Another note..... My geese eggs have really started to go down in daily count. Total is maybe I get a couple a day. In AZ we really don't have a "Springtime", mid to upper 90's, the hens slow down a bit too. I'm pulling out about 10/day now from them. I really need the newbies to crank em out for me! But I probably won't see any from them til July or August. How am I soppose to fry chicken with out my eggs??

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