Mr. Tax and His Family

This is a story about the ever so used, ever so popular, ever so needed "Mr. Tax" and his family. The Tax Family begins their journey in a forest. The worker who cuts down the tree has Tax come out of his check. This is Payroll Tax. The company that hired the worker had another one of his family members taken away he is Business Tax. Again we see Payroll Tax when we meet the trucker who delivers the tree to a plant. And once again we see Business Tax and Payrol Tax at the plant. Once the lumber is ready to be delivered to a site we see our old friend Payroll with the other truck driver. Finally it's at the store ready for the builder and we meet Sales Tax. Once the finished house is ready, we meet another Tax, Real Estate Tax. Are we done yet...of course not, more of Mr. Tax's Family awaits....When the homeowner receives a yearly letter we meet Property Tax. And finally when we die we'll still have a Tax to see... The Death Tax.

After that??? It's sold again and we get to meet all those Tax Family members all over again.

One tree. Thousands of dollars.

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