Gay Friendly Entrecard

I saw this on Mummy Diaries

Apparently there are some bloggers on EC that are not accepting ads containing the word "gay" in them nor dropping back.

I understand it's those bloggers choice on who they accept on their page, but isn't this a dumb reason?? I thought so! So, in support of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans-gendered bloggers out there I post this and welcome.

I had the pleasure of reading Gay Dads in Munchkin Land . Johns journal of his wonderful husband and their sons. And It's Daddies Plural with Paul and Chris who became daddies on Christmas!

I feel sorry for those who can not open their minds a lil.. These are just some of the great blogs they're missing out on... And by the way they actually have the same parenting mishaps and achievements as us straight folks! GASP!

On another note...I'm tired of hearing that this is their "lifestyle choice". You always hear that from people (who obviously never met a gay person), "Well it's their lifestyle choice". This was never their choice, it's just who they are. Just as the color God blessed you with is who you are. No one would choose a road so rough. With judgement and snide remarks at every turn. Threats. Physical and emotional abuse. Some have died for who they are. So, no I don't agree with the phrase "lifestyle choice".

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Banteringblonde said...

Thanks for linking them I'm off to read! I dropped entrecard because they keep posting unapproved ads that are a little risque for me.... the whole porno theme doesn't really mesh with my site!

john said...

OMG.....this post brought a tear to my ear, I called my partner in the room so he can read it. thank you, this was so kind and thoughtful of you..

Anonymous said...

good job vero i love your blog you've got such a talent for writing and a unique way of seeing the world keep up the good work

Tina said...

this is so nice of you. thanks writing about it, and mentioning me as well.

I can see John is really pleased by his comment bless him. hes such a nice guy.

Anonymous said...

Oy vey people I just don't get them sometimes.Guess that's why I have goats LOL Thanks for the links;)

Jerry K said...

I too get annoyed at the "lifestyle choice" statements. Didn't a Miss America contestant just say something like that? Maybe people will finally wake up when they realize that there is at least one gay person in their family or at their workplace.

Unknown said...

very nice!

Tammy said...

I really agree with you! I read John's blog too and it's a wonderful blog who cares if he is gay he's a dad.

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