Got Seeds? We Finally Do!

I know I'm running way behind on this. So many blogs have already posted sprouts and more! But like I said in one of my February posts we had a lot going on. But most of that is done the kids playhouse is just needing paper and shingles now. Phew! Then they can start paying rent!

But, now that thats all done we can concentrate on making sure our garden completly varmit proof! Probably not completely but I can hope. I really need to know how others do it, last year we lost the entire garden then replanted then lost...etc. It was always at night or the early morning, because by the time I got out there to water in the morning they'd been muched on. I never saw anything. No holes in the garden, so whatever it was climbed over the fence. Also, they chomped on our apple, peach,orange, lemon and lime trees leaves and bark? They like variety I guess. We're a buffet for whatever it is. Little half moons on the leaves the size of a quarter is how it started.... Whats that a harvest ant? Not sure. But also the stalks were eaten so maybe its a combo of things.

In an effort to keep things safe and organic and CHEAP, if you have ideas let me know please. It gets so frustrating. We've tried everything!

Anywhoooo..... after buying the seeds, reading, and drawing up my little pretend garden on paper with measurements. I've come to find out our garden is about 10 feet too short... Hmmmm.. Time to get Hubby out there again! This may take more than a "pllleeeaasseee"!

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