And Sew It Begins

I just love writing corny headlines! As you can tell I've started sewing the spring/summer clothes. I've come down with the "Sew in Love" bug!

I began sewing again when we decided to live basic. A little over a year ago. Growing up my mom made us clothes on occassion and taught us young! We'd make clothes for our dolls or barbies, hair accessories little stuff. We had a blast! But like most things you love as a child you eventually move on and stop doing. But I always knew I would start up again when I had a little girl.

I just love shopping for material. It's your chance to get creative and a little daring!! Having a daughter just brings this outta me. She's my little doll and she just loves playing in her new clothes!

I went ahead and let the boys pick out their own material. I want to do a sew class with them just to teach them the basics. Measuring each other, reading a pattern etc. Last year we did pillows and man did they have fun!

Here's what the boys picked out:

Anthony chose this because we're taking the boat out for Cinco de Mayo and he loves fishing with his Dad. So these will become his fishing shorts he says! He wants to make a matching fishing hat with it too..... They have way more confidence in me than they should I don't even know where to begin a fishing hat??? We shall search and find out I guess....

This is Cody's choice......Why??? Hmmm good question I think he was just in a hurry to get outta there.. and he loves dogs.

This is Wyatts..... Need I say more, every little toddler boy loves McQueen. We watch NASCAR and he patiently waits for Speed to come out.

And finally Caties I chose it because its soo dang cute!

These are what I've done so far.....

Isn't she sooo cute! Look at her face in that first one. LOL a model she is not! She hates standing still for pictures.. Mommas sorry baby!

10 Sweet Comments:

Banteringblonde said...

They look great! And I love the corny headlines. I am a fabric nut - problem is that I buy it and then never get around to actually sewing. Or I start something and by the time I get back to finish it they have grown a size!

Stitchblade said... making me feel LAZY! I have not sewed in forever...both of my shops are sitting empty..

I need to get off my lazy bootie and on it!

Not So Average Mama said...

Oh and that above comment was from me..forgot to change to my URL instead of my google...thanks for coming by my site!

Kristi said...

Such cute outfits. They may just inspire me enough to try sewing my own. Can I ask where you find your patterns?

whoopsadasie said...

That is great! My mom sewed my twin's and my clothes, from bathing suits to formal dresses, when we were growing up till we were almost 14. I remember when we were "finally" able to buy store bought clothes! Great job I say!

Unknown said...

Kristi, I get them at the fabic store. Which ever catches my eye.... I could spend hours just going thru all the drawers.

Stacie said...

You are so creative!

My Mom used to sew most all of our clothes growing up. I can't even sew a button on --- I'm not sure there is much hope for my daughter. =)

Lillian said...

I am so envious! I would love to learn how to sew! Your family is lucky to have such a happy sewing Mommy!

Anonymous said...

She will be America's next top model!

Very darling.

I hated sewing in home ec..I think I failed that part. If you can do it more power to ya girlfriend! =)

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