I'm Just A Girl

I was the girl who always had a ton of stickers on her stuff. The more the glitter all the better! I stumbled upon a website that can turn my regular photos into cutesy pics. (Blingee. ) I seriously need a 12 step program here!

Now if your one of my myspace friends, you know all too well of this obsession.

Blingee has cool backgrounds for the photos, glitter, animation, props, and even contests! You should see some these that are entered. Artistic! My designs more for fun and laughs than anything.
They are great for a more fun type of scrapblogging or just print them out and you have cute wall hangers for the kids room!

Heres a few:

The two youngest

My middle son

Hubby in all his glory

The glam me

The spoiled princess in me

Hubbys bike

My oldest wasn't into making fun of himself, but thats ok he's at that age. We all had a blast making our alter egos. Wyatt's still trying to find his hat and sunglasses.......

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