I've Loved Every Product I've Ever Used!

Of course that statement is false. But apparently now they will be monitoring what we mommy bloggers say about products. Because as many of us know if something we buy is a waste of money for what ever reason we're gonna say it loud and proud. They say on average if a person likes a product or service they maybe tell 3 friends. But if they dislike them they tell all. Which I can see as being true.

I've offered up my blog to advertisers, as you can see on the left hand side. But heres the thing you get like pennies to do so, if I absolutly can not find one good thing to write about their product I'm not going to applaud it. I think I speak for most bloggers. We aren't going to lie to our friends blog or not. Paid or not. Period.

Now, I heard on a "news show" (I won't name)this morning, they will be checking mommy bloggers for positive reviews. And stop us if we don't?? I went to their website to gather more info on this and like always I can not find it! I even scanned the web to see if anything popped up and nothing... I know I heard what I heard.

Anyone else hear anything on this??

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Stacey said...

Sorry, I haven't heard anything about this. However, it does not surprise me at all. Companies will do what ever it takes to make a buck, especially these days. I do agree that all mom's should speak their opinion on what they think about a product. How awful to think that they are going to be monitoring blogs with the intention to try and stop someone from not giving their product a rave review. All I have to say is that a negative review should be like a good kick in the butt to make them want to change their product or develop something different that will catch the attention of moms everywhere. But, who I am? Not a mom yet, and when I do become one, I most certainly will have my very own opinions about what I use and what I choose not to use in my home.

Thanks for sharing. Freedom of speech? Hmmm?

Hugs and blessings,

Unknown said...

Nope hun, I haven't heard a thing.
I'm going to be on the look out though.
Find anything let me know!
Take Care.
Oh yeah, come enter my EarCheck giveaway!
You might need one?

Shannon said...

thats weird! I left that last comment, Shannon Blogs Here, and it says tabitha........!

Unknown said...

That is wierd.... whos tabitha???

Its just so frustrating when something grabs you like that and you can't find the source.

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