Purdy Blog Hints Take Two

I did a mock up of what I explained yesterday.  The way I did mine (on all blogs) was I made a "spare blog" then I deleted them.  I do this so I can actually see my tweaks as I do them and not mess up my "real" blog.  Blogger lets you have as many blogs as you want, so why not make one just for the tweaking.  Well, I did and it worked out ok.  Then all I did was copy and paste what I tweaked.  *BE CAREFUL BECAUSE IF YOU JUST COPY THE WHOLE THING FROM AN EMPTY BLOG YOU COULD LOSE YOUR WIDGETS*  So only copy what you tweak.  Like width, height, backgrounds, etc.  The template you just download straight from the source.  What I'm talking about is the adjustments of the template.

So this is what I did.  I downloaded the template to the spare and did all the tweaks, background url's, width, height, added signature, added new font for headings (KevinandAmanda (dot) com), etc.  Everything.  And played with it until I was happy.  Then, I downloaded the untouched template (from the source) to my real blog and went back and forth, from the spare blog to the real blog edit html, copying and pasting until all was done.

Another hint is when your tweaking, do one thing at a time.  Like just width of just main wrapper. Tweak it until you get it right.  Then save.  If you mess up its easier to "clear all edits"  so you know your starting fresh.  Its a lot of mumbo jumbo and you dont want to get lost in it.  

So the mock up I did was from all the stuff I showed you yesterday.  I left it on my spare blogs at chickenista-backgrounds and chickenista-backgrounds2  You can go take a look at how you take what I talked about and put into action. ♥

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