EdenFantasys Review!

************THIS IS A REVIEW FOR ADULTS ONLY************

Ooh yea I reviewed an adult item.  Im not really "shy" but I do hope my family doesn't read this.  I was just giddy when I was asked to try out one of Eden Fantasys items.  Yes Im a mom and I blog normally about the mom moments, but I'm also a happily married woman.  And little extras are always welcomed. *wink wink*

Now I don't know about you all, but I've been to these types of stores with my husband.  They're a blast!  But, they're also like out of the way, dark, kinda makes ya feel icky just walking into one.  Having kids now, you can't exactly go on a whim anymore.  Or only one goes, and wheres the fun in that?  Half the fun is in looking and laughing and throwing those "looks".  But I honestly never thought of an online adult store.

We waited for the kids to go to sleep and a looking we went.  EdenFantasys has everything. I mean everything.  They even have the reviews to the product right there.  So you know how others thought after trying out the product.

It was a hard decision but, we finally decided we wanted to try out the Love Essentials Kit.


Add some sensuality to your love games with the Love essentials kit by KamaSutra. This exciting set includes sweet edible Honey Dust that is so great for adding your foreplay a bit of a bite, Original Oil of Love for giving your sensuous massage even more sensuality, and some Lubricating Love Liquid that will reduce friction and enrich the comfort during intercourse. A great kit for a loving couple. - EXCERT FROM EDEN FANTASY

My review:

The box arrived very quickly, less than a week.  I was very nervous that someone may intercept the package... But the tracking allowed me to know exactly what day.  Although, I worried for nothing.  They was very discrete.
 The Original Oil of Love smelled so good. I'm a sucker for a massage.   It's not a greasy oil either. I've used some slippery stuff before and this is nothing like those.  If you've never had a massage with massaging oils your truly missing out.  It multiplied the massage like 10x.  Its a perfect way to get your loved one in the mood.  You get relaxed and you feel sexy.  You forget everything else.  Kids disappear, work....your bad day..everything.  And the aroma from the oil is awesome!
The Honey Dust was ok, it goes everywhere. (my only complaint of this kit)  Its a very fine dust.  I would have to say my favorite part of the kit was the feather minus the dust.  Absolutely hands down the feather.  Nuff' said.  You can very creative with it.  And we did!  I closed my eyes and just let him go crazy with the feather.  Aah!  It really was a turn on.  It made for an amazing nite!  *wink wink*  I would totally recommend this kit for any couple who wants a little extra fun.  It's perfect for a romantic night, and it comes with a cute box. 

EdenFantasys has many different kits for couples. Whether your straight, bi, gay, whatever your pleasure. From awesome vibrators that will rock your world to all out bondage *rawr!*.  Go and take a peek! 

Would I Use This Company Again:

Yes, yes I would!  Matter of fact I'm ordering me some cuffs! 

FTC Compliant: I recieved the Love Essentials Kit by KamaSutra free of charge for reviewing purposes from EdenFantasys. The Writings are my own opinion.

Please see my DISCLAIMER