Youthful Trends Caffeinated Makeup Primer Review!

Youthful Trends offers  mineral makeup that is 100% natural with NO talc, bismuth, parabens or any other fillers. Best of all its never tested on animals.  Greensations Natural Capsaicin body products is also 100% natural and offer anti-aging formulas, anti itch, natural bug blocker among others. 

I was recently asked to try out the 100% all natural Youthful Trends™ Caffeinated Makeup Primer.  The first in the world to include caffeine!  So naturally I jumped at the chance to try! 


Youthful Trends™ Caffeinated Makeup Primer  is a pure makeup primer that works with every skin tone and type. Like our other primers, this clear formula reduces facial sweating, tightens lines and bonds your makeup for a look that lasts all day long, but this spray also has added caffeine to increase topical blood flow while protecting skin from UV damage and other environmental factors. This exclusive proprietary formulation also keeps pores breathing naturally - even under thick makeup. This water based formula is 100% natural and guaranteed to work with all types of makeup including powders, creams and liquids.

My Experience:

The first thing I noticed about the Youthful Trends™ Caffeinated Makeup Primer is the smell.  It was a very familiar aroma, I couldn't place it.  I took a look at the ingredients and the third one is cucumber.  (Remember all natural) Very clean fresh smell.  I gave the bottle a shake and spritzed my face.  It went on evenly and dried quickly.  Very easy application.  I used my fingers to go over my forehead a little extra and around my chin.  *The extra needed places* It dried smooth. I really couldn't feel anything extra on. I used my mineral makeup, and applied as normal.  Through about half the day when I usually touch up, from sweating and just wearing down the foundation, I went to re-brush".  I took a look and thought I think I can go a little longer.  I didn't reapply at all.  I was shocked!  It really did cut down on the perspiration, and helped the powder stay on all day.
 This one bottle should last me about 2 or 3 months.  If you use a little more than me, it could go quicker.  Like I said I spritz and then put some on my fingers to go over the forehead and chin.  So if your lucky enough to not need much more than a spritz, you could go longer.  It retails for $29.99.  I say that's pretty good.  About $10/month.  

Why You Should Use a Makeup Primer:

  • Evens out your skin tone
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Makeup lasts longer
  • Smooths out the surface
  • Moisturizes and keep your skin hydrated
  • If you have oily skin, it will reduce excess shine on the T zone
  • Pores appear smaller and less visible
  • Will not let makeup clog the pores
  • Disguise skin flaws and imperfections 

Would I use This Company Again:

I loved it.  Yes I would.  All natural, no animal testing, no fillers.  Just pure simple amazing makeup and skin products.  I was very pleased with my experience.

***  Youthful Trends is offering my readers a 25% discount when you use the code "SHEBLOGS"***

FTC Compliant: I received the Youthful Trends Caffeinated Make-up Primer free of charge for reviewing purposes from Greensations. The Writings are my own opinion. 

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    Kimberly Walker said...

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    Mhel said...

    a caffeinated make up? sounds interesting. thanks for following...Following you back now! Have a great day!

    Anonymous said...

    I love this primer. It really works.
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