I have worn eyeglasses since elementary school.  So Ive bought just about every frame known to man!  I've gotten the big ol' round glasses that I thought made me look awesome. You know the ones you saw hot girls wear in the 80's.  Then they'd them off and tousle their hair...yup not as hot looking as you'd think.  I've gotten those black frames, the ones that were from like the 1950's.  That had made a come back.....  yeah not so much.  I absolutely hate looking for frames.  And forget about the stores helping you out.  They just want to make the best sale they can.  Or get you out as fast as possible. 

Now that I have a family with three needing prescription glasses, I wouldn't say I'm any better at picking out glasses, but at least I'm a little more savvy.  I don't want to be rushed or only have a handful of glasses to choose from due to pricing issues.  I want a good looking pair of glasses that will last and I don't want to take out a second mortgage for them...OK maybe they're not that expensive but still pretty pricey!

Yes, I know there are other ways of doing things.  I wore contacts for awhile, but they always seemed to irritate my eyes.  But the end of the day my eyes were so red.  I would have to take a bottle of eye drops with me throughout the day.  And forget laser surgery, I'm not putting a laser into my eye! So I'm stuck with needing new glasses every couple of years. 

GlassesUSA is a website where you can get glasses online.  They offer designer glasses like Polo, Dior and Ray Ban.  They also have prescription sunglasses, all at lower prices!  How?  Because they own their own laboratories, and pass on the savings to us!!  They even have Transitions lenses.  Which Im loving. I used to carry a pair a prescription sunglasses and regular.  That's too much. The glasses I have now are Transitions and let me tell you, I save so much time looking and trying to remember the place I last had my sunglasses...only to find out they were on my head!

Right now GlassesUSA is offering my readers a discount in addition to their low prices!  Just simply enter the promo-code "mommy10" and you'll get 10% off your order!

We do our best at to ensure that all frames and lenses are produced to perfection and according to the prescription and specific needs and of our customers. Our optical experts put each pair of eyeglasses through our 5-Stripe process of excellence in order to inspect the accuracy of the prescription lenses and the frame alignment. We offer our customers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee because we have confidence that you will love our products! If for any reason, our eyeglasses did not meet your standards, you may return them for an eyeglasses exchange or a refund.

FTC Compliant: This is a paid post written by me on behalf of GlassesUSA.  The writings are mine and do not reflect those of GlassesUSA.  Nor did the fact of compensation affect my thoughts.

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Karen in Texas said...

We use for our eyeglasses here. Mine was only $35 and I am very nearsighted. In fact, the pair I have on in my profile picture are from there. They lasted for 5 years. My kids love getting their glasses from there because they get to get more than one pair. The only bad thing is that they don't offer the UV protection but I have to stay out of the direct sunlight anyway because of medication so that doesn't bug me. They also have prescriptions sunglasses and transitional lenses also. They take about 3 weeks to be mailed but with 3 pair only costing $65 and that includes shipping of $4.95 I don't mind waiting. Sorry, I really like them that much. LOL.

Stef said...

Hi! Visiting from NFF. I've worn glasses since elementary school, too. Yes, I think I was probably not all that hot in my pink plastic round glasses with the hot pink heart and rhinestone up in the corners. Oh my goodness. What was I thinking??

Unknown said...

Hi Karen!

I'm new to ordering anything online. I went a little crazy last Christmas. LOL. It was the first time ever shopping online really i think. But Im just amazed at how much you can do without ever leaving your house! Take all the time you need dont have to pack up the kids. Its great!


I think we've all been there LOL!! Ooohh the styles we thought were cool!!! LOL

Alex M said...

thanks for the review really gave me the push i needed to try buying glasses online. i am so happy that i did i saved so much and my new frames look fab!

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