Happy Fathers Day!

Why my man kicks ass at being a Daddy!!

  • Since the day I came home and told him I was expecting our first kid, he quit (most of) his crazy ways. Only had to bail him out a couple of times after LOL!!
  •  He's been there for every birth and cried at each one.  You NEVER forget that.  The look of complete happiness.
  • He's changed diapers, feed, bathed, and burped without a fuss, when I needed a nap. We had 4 kids under 7 at one time. It got overwhelming at times!
  • He's teaching the kids the value of a mans word.  The days of a mans handshake and his word is all you need is almost gone. 
  •  Since having baby #1 I've never had to work.  But sometimes I do to get away help.
  • He sold his Harley to buy a new boat.  His thinking, "The Harley he can take one kid at a time....  a boat we can all have fun together." Yea, floored me 'cause I thought the only thing you get rid of a Harley for is a better Harley!
  • His way with words.....  Im not the lecturing type.. You get in trouble and I deal with you, its short sweet and in your room!  Him he sits down and talks...and talks...and talks.  
  • He can walk literally through his shoes and if his kids need something he deals.  Seriously, hes worn the soles off shoes a couple of times for his kids. 
  • He's a good man, simple as a pimple.
Love you baby I'm so proud of you.  
Thanks for knocking me up all them years ago, I have a blast with you and the kids.
Happy Daddy's Day

5 Sweet Comments:

Tiffany said...

Ah, cute.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Roxane said...

He really does sound like a great dad! Any dad who will trade in his Harley for a boat with his kids' happiness in mind has to be awesome.

Love your blog! Stealing your button!

BTW I just found and followed you from Blog Flow.

Unknown said...

He does kick ass! :o)

I have an award for you! You can find it here:

Donda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! This is a great story...lucky girl, you are to have a guy that talks and burps!

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