Small Talk Six

I think its perfect weather here for this meme! We're having 107+ days this weekend. So drinking is very important. Keep them fluids coming!!

My 6 favorite cold beverages:

1. Sweet Tea- Gotta love me some good ol' sweet tea!
2. Kool-Aid- You can never go wrong with that. My favorite flavor grape. Yummy
3. Pepsi- Ugh my Achilles heal! SO bad for you, but garshdurnit! I love love love it!
4. Frozen Margaritas- Yum yummity yum yum! I sink into my seat and sigh just thinking of them... One of very few "drinky" drinks I like.
5. Lemonade- Fresh not mix. Made with simple syrup.
6. Water- Plain ol', not from a bottle, show me where the garden hose is...water. Nothing fancy, no lemon wedge, nada. Just some ice and water. With the kids all playing outside more and swimming and this heat, water is numero uno on drinks here. Its quick easy and does a better job than the others I listed at keeping you hydrated. Its also very good for your skin.

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