BlogFest 2010

Blog Fest is a very large multi blog giveaway EXTRAVAGANZA *echo echo* Its a great way to bring traffic to a site and YOUR COMPANY/PRODUCTS!! 

My theme for the giveaway is 

Now that includes ANY  eco-friendly product.  For your home, your family, clothes, personal products, ANYTHING!!

I want to amaze people with the easiness of being green while maintaining sexy.  The idea of a hairy tree huger is out.  Todays "Greenies" are fashionable and trendy while being earth conscious. 

It can be giftcards to your shop, a book, or a product your dying to show off!  Whatever goes here!  I love all my sponsors and I will make it a point to emphasize your participation!

If you have a product that you'd love to showcase and fits in with my theme I'd love to hear from you!

Email me

BlogFest 2010

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