Goat Meat Nutritional Facts

Where's the beef? Not here! We haven't braved cattle raising just yet.When I began planning our farm, I looked into what animals would suit my family and our property best.  Having only 5 acres, completely empty desert land, it made sense at that time to raise goats for the milk and meat.  The out-buildings would be cheaper to build, fencing would be easier, and uhm yea..  tending to a 1000lbs+ animal was a little intimidating. It's also a lot healthier to eat goat meat.

When I brang this up to Hubby, he was a little grossed out on it.  He had never heard of eating goat or drinking goats milk. I on the other hand, am Mexican and its not unheard of in my culture.  Matter of fact, I believe, at my sisters baptism my Dad and Tio's killed and cooked goat for the party.

Eventually after reading my many many pages I wrote on the subject (yes I'm that nerdy I love researching and writing) he was sold on the idea.  Matter of fact I still have my reference pages I wrote.  I still use them.  From time to time I go back to look up something, easier than the computer.

Goat vs The Other Meats

  • Goat- 122
  • Beef- 245
  • Chicken- 120
  • Lamb- 235
  • Pork- 310
Grams of Total Fat
  • Goat- 2.5
  • Beef-16
  • Chicken-3.5
  • Lamb-16
  • Pork-24

Grams of Protein
  • Goat- 23
  • Beef-23
  • Chicken-21
  • Lamb-22
  • Pork-21

*per 3oz roasted
 ~info taken from Sue Weaver's book Goats
Goats: Small-scale Herding for Pleasure And Profit (Hobby Farms Series) 

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Debs - debslosingit.com said...

Goat meat oddly enough compares very well to fish.

My family raised goats for about 14 years, starting with pygmies, then moving onto Boers. We sold many for meat and show (project does and wethers) but my parents wouldn't take the next step of putting one or two into our freezer. I wish they would have because they are delicious!

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