"Mommy, what's Easter?"

"How come bunnies only lay eggs on Easter?" "And why do we paint them" "Will our bunnies lay eggs?" Why does the "Easter Bunny give us stuff like Santa?" And how does it all tie in to being the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ?

Ya know what, I have no clue! But I know who does... this wonderful tool we all use... the web!
So before I start telling my kids the answers to some of those questions I thought I'd look 'em up! If you don't know well ya might after reading this post.

Lets start with the easiest 'What is Easter?'

It's the Christians way of celebrating of the Resurrection of Christ, but it pre dates Christianity so theres more...
Easter derives its name from Eostre a goddess of spring.

'Where do the eggs come from?'
Apparently eggs were prohibited during lent in Medieval Europe so they would boil them to preserve. So they were the main meal for Easter and gifts for children and servants.
Also, because spring brings new life and eggs are considered symbols of fertility they went together nicely.
Some Christians would paint the eggs bright red to symbolize the blood of Jesus.

"Why is there a bunny?"
Again they symbolize fertility. Germans were the first to initiate the bunny laying the eggs for children to find them. The immigrants from Germany who settled in Pennsylvania brought this tradition with them.

So I guess I found out a little. Its about celebrating the new life of all on this beautiful planet. Thats kinda neat......

I love finding all my answers with the click of the mouse! Now when the kids ask "but why" in that whinny voice, I can sit them down and have them read the many pages I just printed out for them. Score one for Momma! Maybe I'll quiz them too.... Just kidding. I love the childs endless fascination with everything. Its a new world for them and just because I've settled on the old fashioned "Just because" doesn't mean I have to let them. Plus look, I learned something too!

Now to find where the heck they came up with 'Baby New Year'..........

Our Lord and Savior,
We thank thee for bearing that cross for us. For showing your love for us. Through you we have life. With you we are strong. You are the begining and you are the ending. Lord we ask you to bless those less fortunate and forgive those who do not know you, for they will. Thank you Lord for our many blessings. I ask that you cover us all in your blood. In your name I pray. Amen.

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Stacey said...

Amen. Praise be to God for all of the blessings that he provides us in our lives. How awesome it is to think that he died on the cross for everyone and the forgiveness of their sins. For their is no one greater then he.

Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to be able to explain what Easter is to Tristan. Hope your fam has a great one.

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