Secret Confessions: The Man I Wish I Was Married To!

Like most married women, or maybe just me, I sometimes regret the person I chose to marry.  Sometimes I lie awake at night thinking of the "what could have been"....  I know this man I should of married isn't exactly "handsome" but damn it he's funny as all get out!  He's perfect too.  He hardly talks, more of like a silent type I guess you could say.  But that just means he's a good listener....My husband has no idea I fantasize about this guy so hopefully he skips this post. *fingers crossed*

It all started back in highschool....   I was a young girl, he was an older man.  It was all very wrong. 

So I stumbled upon this website that lets you find out the "what could have been".......  What would our baby look like if I was his Mrs....What did I miss out on all these years.

And I did it!!  Check out Me, Mrs. Mr Bean, Mr. Bean and our baby Bean................................



How sweet

How friggin hilarious!  Had you going didn't I! muahhhaahahh  Here's some others I morphed:

I think Taylor Swift and Eminem should get together:

And since Oprah sooo in love with Obama I thought hmmm I wonder....

Not bad not bad now lets get a little creative shall we......

Stillllll  Hmmmmm  Who else.... Oooh I know 

There now everyone's curiosity is at ease...  Ahhh.
Must be Valentines Day approaching with all this love in the air!♥♥♥♥

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