Six Word Saturday

And This Isn't All Of Them

We took the picture when the youngest Caitlin was sleeping. This is starting from oldest --> Christina, Georgina, Anthony, Cody, Michael, Samantha, Wyatt, and Brandon. Yes, I had to go through it again and make sure no one was left out. Mine and my sister, Christina's kids. Between me and her, we covered a decade of non stop baby-making *lol* 9 kids in 10 yrs! Whew! Were we tired! Sibling rivalry, what can you do! *lol*

10 Sweet Comments:

Unknown said...

lol well they look like a pretty good bunch :)
Happy 6WS,

Holly said...

Too funny! Stopping by from FF. Cute blog! Would love a visit from you.

Kimmy said...

What a bunch of kids!!! lol Adorable :O)

BTW...When I clicked on from 6WS, it took me to your last weeks post. It instantly made me think of what I did once. I just knew you had to of done one for today so I clicked "home". Just thought you would like to know. :o)

Happy 6WS!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Kimmy I was wondering why I had people leave me messages today on last weeks...Hmmm. I wonder what I did.

Unknown said...

Hey girl! Happy Friday Follow! Now following you too!

Tina said... a perfect set of steps!!

wow, glad my sister and i aren't as competitive as you guys ( i'm good with my two and i know she is already "over" her two) LOL

happy 6WS

Brandy Ellen said...

Sibling rivalry? That usually means fighting and being highly competitive, never thought about it in the baby making department! LOL Too cute, 9 kids in 10 years ... wow! Kids are great though! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

Unknown said...

Thanks Brandy you too!

Call Me Cate said...

I've always thought it would be nice to have cousins or siblings close in age. I was the oldest by far though, and then my cousins and siblings (5 in total) all came one after the other.

Thanks for playing 6WS.

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