The International Day of Prayer for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

♥Happy Valentine's Day to all!♥

Today is Valentines Day but it's also The International Day of Prayer for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome.  Friends from my facebook and older followers know this, but for the newer followers,  I recently got back to work.  I'm a Respite Care Provider for children with disabilities.  What that means is I go into peoples homes and give mainly the Moms a much needed break.  Sort of like daycare, but one on one.  Sometimes there's more than one in the household with a disability.  I home school them, help with home work, do limited therapy,  play games, work on what ever the parent needs.  Some of the kiddos are Autistic.  Because of my deep respect and love for these children and families, I will not discuss them, only what I know generally speaking.

   Autism is defined as "a severe developmental disorder" it shows at about birth or shortly thereafter. Most autistic children look "normal". It's in their actions you see an autistic person. They may spend their time zoning out on something like intricate toys, video games, books, TV,  or puzzles.  It affects their social skills, their imagination, the order of things (has to be just so).  Their senses are deeply affected.  Just the sound of vacuuming can send an autistic child screaming.  Uncontrollable, inconsolable....  A fluffy stuffed animal can be too much to bear.  An infant with autism may resist even their mothers cuddle.  Some can live absolute normal lives while others will need assistance the rest of their lives.  Asperger's syndrome is one of the forms of autism.

There are over 60 million people living with autism around the world.

To find out what you can do to help visit Autism Parents

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Joy@TPMG said...

I didn't know that. It sounds like you love what you do. I have had students with Asperger's and I know a little boy with autism. I hope that they find the cause and a cure one day. Thanks for stopping by on Friday!

Unknown said...

There is more and more research that links many learning and developmental difficulties to poor communication and synchronisation between the two brain halves. An effective way of improving the processing functions in the brain is to listen to specially altered sound or music through headphones as pioneered by Dr. Alfred Tomatis (Tomatis method) and Dr. Guy Bérard (Auditory
Integration Training - AIT).

Now there is a new Sound Therapy Programme which has been specifically developed with the aim to improve sensory processing, interhemispheric integration and cognitive functioning and it is entirely free to download and use at home. It has helped many children and adults with a wide range of learning and developmental difficulties, ranging from dyslexia, dyspraxia and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder to sensory processing disorders and autism. It is not a cure or medical intervention, but a structured training programme that can help alleviate some of the debilitating effects that these conditions can have on speech and physical ability, daily behaviour, emotional well-being and educational or work performance.

Check out the Free Sound Therapy Home Programme from Sensory Activation Solutions. There is no catch, it's absolutely free and most importantly often effective. Find it at:

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