My 10 Tips For a Great Family Vacation

I love to just up and getaway with the family! It's truly an important bonding time for all. No work, no school, just plain old fashioned togetherness.  We love to just hitch up the boat and hit the lake!  It's not renting a cabin, or hotel room....  Its us and a tent.  But I'll tell you it is the most rewarding and relaxing vacation we could imagine.

We go hiking the trails and look for wildlife. My sons love to bring along jars to collect the *icky* bugs.  Then there's the fishing.  Just sitting in the boat talking, laughing, encouraging each other.  Believe it or not, even as loud as we get, we've caught some fish!  Matter of fact, some of our best talks were at the end of a couple of fishing poles. You want to know how your kids doing?  This is it.

Of course, the main event of the trip is the boating!  Oh how the kids love it!!  Jumping the waves, racing other boats, or finding a spot in the middle of the lake to jumping off.  It completes the trip.  Soon the older ones will be "allowed" to be pulled and that's going to be terrifying!!  If it were up to Hubby they'd already be pros.  But I'm such a worry wart. 

10 Simple Tips For a Simple and Absolute Fun Family Vacation:

10.   Don't bring your work!
                No one, kids included. Save that for a weekend at home.  The sky isn't going to fall just because you left your Blackberry.

9.    Bring family games.
                We always take our "Sports Set"  It's a soccer ball, baseball/gloves, football, a couple of tennis rackets/ball, some swim toss  rings.

8.    Include everyone in events.
                  No child is the same.  Not everyone is going to love the events planned.  Anthony is more of my  bug guy and sports fan.  While Cody loves the water and Wyatt just tries to keep up.  Then of course Baby Lady who just wants to lay out and show her baby doll around.  Try and find enough time to do it all. Teaching compromise is very important!

7.    Take time for each child.
                 Every child wants to know their special.  Vacations are perfect for that.  Sometimes they get lost in the shuffle of life.  They need to know what they have to say ROCKS!

6.    Never ground on vacation.
                 Thats not what this time is for.  Wait til you get home to make a stink.

5.     Pick a place that might not have internet or TV.
                   Find spots that are aimed a quality family time.  Pre-planned vacation spots are great because they center around families.  In other words save wine country for your Anniversary.

4.      Get involved!!
                    Be a part of the time spent.  Just as life...You get what you put into it.

3.      Bring back your Goofball self.
                    We get so wrapped up in work and discipline, it's our time too ya know.  Let loose!

2.     Pick a spot where maybe you've never been or is unlike you.
                     Out of the ordinary brings a challenge......Challenges are a great way to bond.  Rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing...  A family that learns together...... Laughs A LOT!!!

1.     It shouldn't take much.... Just remember this is your family time.   You only get a few years with them.  What memories do you want them to take. 

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