Bucklings Update

As I said in an earlier post (HERE) , we had to bottle feed the new kids.  I don't like that.  Some say it makes for a tamer goat, you bond better....  Me, I don't agree.  I think it takes away from the very important Mommy- kid bonding.  And none of my goats are "wild".  Not a one has ever tried to hurt me or head butt me. (Or the children)  They are however, stand offish.  But even when pursued by us to wrangle, they never try to hurt us.  So I'm not sure if we just lucked out or if it's their breed.  Whatever the case may be, I prefer them to feel a "family" type with thier young ones.

The first couple go arounds we did milk our dam and feed the buckings.  But I'm very glad to say that both are now nursing with Momma and perfectly content!  It's just so sweet to see.

I'm debating now whether or not to disbud them....  This is something I WILL NOT do myself or Hubby.  We would ask our vet to come out and do it.  Ours have their horns.  Just the way we bought them.  But I don't know if I had a choice, I guess I'd want them gone.  They get stuck in fences and tree limbs.  Plus if they get into fights (which they don't here) but if they did they could really hurt each other even kill.
Disbudding: When you burn off the horns as they begin to grow in. Preferably at 1" long
Age: Preferrable before the 2 week of age mark./if their adults anesthetic is mandatory
Risks: Brain damage, death, deformed horns.

Yea..... Did you see the risks???  Is it worth it?  To me no, if we weren't gonna sell them I'd leave them alone.  Just keep fighting ones apart.....  Maybe leave it up to the buyer to do as he/she pleases.

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Precious said...

I love your blog, just bookmarked it :)

Evelina W.

Get Ex BackI love your blog, just bookmarked it :)

Evelina W.

Get Ex Back

Anonymous said...

As a buyer, I would prefer it be done as young as possible. I know there are various methods, but like you I'd prefer someone else do it.

Unknown said...

I just found some paste at the feed store, it's suppose to be for calves but they said it'd work on kids...Much more humane I think. Course I haven't read up on the paste yet.

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