Je t'aime Mon Cheri

February 1, 2010

I can copy and paste way better than I could ever say that! That is, of course, "I love you my darling," in French. A semester of French in college and I had to google that!

Today kicks off one of my favorite months of the year. "The Love Month"! After being together over 10 *ahem* years(Wow has it been that long!), I think Hubby and I are pretty comfortable with each other and what not. Sometimes too comfortable if you know what I mean. Like ok,  sometimes I wear his underwear... And sometimes I don't shave my legs for days... And sometimes I wear his old shirt and sweats to bed... And sometimes I throw my hair up in a bun instead of combing it...And sometimes I wonder what the hells wrong with me, he should be running for hills!  But thats love.  ♥True Love♥

So, we get this great day once a year to show we're still digging each other in a bad way.  I know you should do little sweet things throughout the year, yea yea yea.  But this day is extra special!  Of course, I have no clue what I'm doing for him this year.  It's on a Sunday this year and he works nights, so will probably save Date Night for his days off.... How many of you already have plans and reservations??  I'm such a slacker.  Anyone slacking like me?

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