Pre-K Home School

When we decided to begin home schooling our children, my 4 year old son was just starting Pre-K. He absolutly loved it! He came home every day with his little hands filled with the days learning. His head filled with new knowledge. And his little mouth kept talking all the way home. So when we took them out I thought that was it until K12 could supply me with Kinder lessons. Not true!

I found a couple of great sites to download worksheets. One is First School. This one has everything from learning abc's to numbers. Coloring sheets, booklets to make and holiday arts and crafts. Then there is ABCTeach with over 5000 free printable activity sheets!

I love the internet. Where you can find just about anything for free! Yeah this bill that comes every month to keep us connected, I'm thinkin's worth it!

Now my little guy can continue his learning!

Here's some of my favorite activity sheets:

And what would PreK be without AWARDS:

******March 12, 2009****
For more great worksheets my girl at Country Whispers did much more research than I did. I find a couple favorites and I'm good. But she has tons of varieties. I bookmarked them all. So go take a look. Theres even places you can make your own!!! She rocks!! Give her a hugh thanks too!
Go here

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Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for the links! My daughter loves to do worksheets.

rebel said...

I did not home school my kids but I've known people who did and that was one of the things that they said was so great about the internet. One lady home schooled her kids and now her grandkids! She says it is so much nicer. She doesn't have to go anywhere to shop for school supplies anymore.
I tell ya, I have always had the greatest respect for teachers. I don't know if I could do it even if it was my own children. Actually I think it would probably be harder with my kids. Don't get me wrong, I loved havin' my kids home with me, I'm one of those mom's who loved weekends and summer vacation. But I just don't think I would of had the patience to teach. My hats off to ya!

Country Whispers said...

Funny! I am going to post about homeschool links in the next few days. We must be thinking alike. There are so many sites with free printables on here. I do get school books from the BOE however I use them as a guide as to where his class would be. I mainly use all the free stuff from the web for his school work.
I also will be listing a few sites that I do pay for and I absolutely love them.

Unknown said...

Country Whispers, I can't wait to see what you've found!

Rebel, I didn't give much thought before hand. Now, I'm paying for it!! That's why I'm soo nervous for thier state tests. I don't want to be the reason they don't do well. But if this turns out too hard on either side I know there's always tutors to kinda help out.

Jennifer, from the youngest to the oldest every one loves these sheets! Especially the 2 yr old who just got her first box of crayons. (and broke them, but I guess now she has twice as many :) )

whoopsadasie said...

Thanks for sharing those! I am going to pass them on to my daughter!

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