Twin Nubian Bucklings

Welcome To Our Family!!

Yesterday morning our doe began kidding. I checked in on her quite frequently, but nowhere near as much as last time. She had a very easy delivery. Labor lasted about 6 hours. And at 5:30 pm we had a newbie!! Then about 6 minutes later another one!! TWINS!! Twin bucklings. They are very cute.

Her last kidding she only had one (buck also) and what a size difference! These little guys are tiny in comparison. But healthy.

Is was such a nice day I guess Momma let the kids roam a little. We found them outta the stall and under a tree.

We did notice a little trouble. Since they were apart from Momma we wanted to make sure they were being nursed. Usually Momma and babies lay together for a few days. Usually she a lil over protective. To check if the baby is full and eating you have it stand. ( Yes at a day they can stand , not very good but still) You feel its belly, if it's squishy it needs to eat if its firm its good to go.

Both tummies were squishy. Which meant no milk. So, we watched her for a bit and she was over by the fence with a buck... So we took the buck away from her sight and right away she tried to nurse. But it seemed the kids couldn't get a hold of the nipple. Either didn't know or couldn't either way we had to step in.

Now, first off, I'd rather NOT step in and bottle feed right away. Animals are just like people. They develop bonds with their young. And I would never want to take the mommying away from a ready and willing doe. But sometimes they need interference. We milked Dora next to her kids. Two reasons. One to relieve pressure, the nipple may had been to large for the mouth. And two, to see if we could help the kids find what they should do. We gave the kids some milk, they loved it but just would latch.

So we emptied her. We got about a gallon or so from her. Between the kids and her (yes does love milk!!) we ended up keeping about half a gallon for them later to feed "in case".

All you need to bottle feed them is a nipple from a feed store, about a dollar, and a 20 oz bottle of some sort. Snap it on, thats it!

Well these little full Nubian bucklings are very cute!!  And in late March will be ready for sale!!

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Claudia Lawrence said...

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Serendipity is Sweet said...

Aw, they are so cute! How cool that you can share that experience with your family.

Mommy Kennedy said...

They are adorable! I love how you explained everything. That poor mama with a gallon of milk! She must have been engorged!

One Creative Queen said...

OMG They are the cutest things...EVER!! I so want one. I'm willing to trade my kids for one. I'm already fantasizing about how I could turn one of the bedrooms into a room for them.

Oh, what? You say they are outside critters? Well so are my kids, but I let them sleep in the house - so I'm obviously not real discriminatory! lol

I'm glad to be done with the childbirth thing. Really glad.

Your blog is always so dang cute - you update it all the time and really keep it cute. I want to be like you. xx

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