Countdown To Kidding!

I am soo excited, one of our goats belly has dropped!! Which means kidding time is just around the corner!  Oooh I remember last year it was Doras (one of our goats) first kid and ours too!!  We were just super excited and nervous as if we were having a baby!! This times no different.  We're on the edge every morning.  Checking on her.  So far so good.

Roughly 150days from breeding is kid time.  But, like last time it's just nature.  We were quite off.  I think 2 weeks or so.  Some of it's human error and some times its plain nature.  Your ready when your ready.  I have her marked 1st week of February.  But I don't think she'll make it much longer.  But I will, like last time, keep you all posted!!

Wooo Hoooo!!!

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