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 I would absolutely love to advertise your business or product on my blog TheChickenista.

Your ad will be placed at the top right hand side of my blog. Ads must be a 125 x 125 button which you must provide, or a text link.

Rates for 125 x 125 button:
$40 for 3 months (you'll save $5!)
$75 for 6 months (you'll save $15!!)
$160 for a full year (you'll save $20!!!)
  * For larger ads or banner placement -$25-$45 depending on ad size. Email for pricing your needs.
Rates for Text Links

Website/ Company/Product Review:
I also do company, website or product reviews.  Who doesn't love hearing about new and exciting offers, companies and/or products.  Grab a real 100% honest opinion.  Plenty of links and photos will be given.  Then that post link or feed will go to my followers on Twitter, Myspace friends, Feedburner subscribers, Twittermoms page, Mom Central page, Mom Bloggers Club page, SheBlogs Blogger Network Forum, Facebook followers, Facebook fan page, and Facebook Networked Blog followers.

I have plenty of voices here!  Have children products? I have four children ages 11/m, 9/m, 5/m, 3/f.  Mens product are also accepted.  My husband has agreed to volunteer for that.☺

For reviews I would need a sample of your product usually full sized and NOT returnable. I will only except products right for my family.

A review with a giveaway is an awesome way to get lots of attention to your product and business.  For that it would be a post just like a review, links and all!  I would urge my readers to go to your site and find something else there that interests them as a mandatory entry to the giveaway.  Followed by extra entries earned by actions such as following your tweets, fanning your facebook etc.  Lots of attention your way! 

*All shipping costs involved with getting the product to me will be paid for by the company.
  For giveaways, the company will ship the prize directly to the winner. I will hold the giveaway and give the winner’s     information to the company.

 Contact: or USE FORM BELOW

 For all cash payments, I use paypal.

 Shipping and Mailing Address: Email

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