I love the local library we have here.  Being a home school family it's become a monthly visit. Just about.  But I live 20 miles from town so it's not really a convenient one.  I'm often late on returning them.  But what choice do you have when an assignment requires reading.  And with all my kids at different reading levels it can become quite a task just gathering the literature for them all.  Also keeping track of who's book is due when!  Although we do have a book mobile that travels out here, its not always for sure, and sometimes they don't have the book needed.

I recently discovered Bookswim.  It's like Netflix for books!  Pick your membership and load up your favorites.  Just like Netflix, once you've mailed it back they send another from your list! So you can list all the kids reading requirements in the order they need them done and they ship in that order! They have from 1 book to 11 books at a time memberships.  No late fees ever and free shipping both ways!  Exception: 1 book membership.

BookSwim has a wide array of book choices.  College textbooks, Oprah Book Club List, Childrens everything you'd find at a big bookstore.  Something for everyone in the family.

If you decide you just can't bear to let a book go, been there, you can choose to buy it!  

Bonus:  They're offering a $50 gift card to to anyone who enrolls in the avid or devout readers plans!!

They also offer Gift Cards

So no more rushing to the library hoping you get it in on time, and  no paying the late fees if your not done in time. No contractCancel anytime!

For you greenies out there like me that love to see some good going on here's a bonus:
"Renting books, rather than purchasing, helps lower the number of trees cut down each year for virgin paper. BookSwim also plants trees for every gift card we sell.  BookSwim has planted or otherwise saved enough trees to reduce 10 TONS of carbon emissions! That's like taking 14,000 cars - all the yellow taxicabs in New York City - off the street... ...enough cars to fill a parking lot the size of 152 football fields!"  Straight from the horses mouth!

 So click on the picture below and give it a try.  Your under no obligation and may cancel if it's not all you'd thought it would be. 

*Summer's on its way and books are a great way to keep your child learning and busy*

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