Home School Pictures Posted!

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great and you got to spend time with the family, relax and of course CHOW DOWN!! We had a very simple one here, a lot of us were sick still. Getting over a cold. But we managed to fry up a turkey and put some sides together.

Not too long ago I wrote how we needed to take the school out of the small room it was in and place it into a bedroom. We bunked up a couple of kids to do that.... Well we grew out of that room quickly! We have now moved it to one of our living rooms! Yup, it's like the blob! Homeschool will soon consume our total home!! Well, yes you do tend to acquire a lot of things when you home school but I think its so worth it and you know what I don't miss the old living room at all! We put a TV in our bedroom, I feel like a kid having it in there. The large sofa went to the movie room and the other sofa with tables went to the bedroom. It's like a hotel room now! *LOL* Hubbys thinking of putting a fridge in there now. Like 3 in this house isn't enough!
This is how it turned out...

Every drawer, nook and cranny filled!! I'm telling you, you acquire a lot of "stuff".

Nothing like seeing your walls on camera to make you realize how badly you need to paint!

Posters I made for the kids/with the kids for various subjects.. I printed out some really great NASA photos I'm dying to put up but how and where still stumps me.

The always goofy Cody showing off our kick ass American flag. We pledge allegiance and pray every day before school begins...as it should be♥

Kids just hanging out ☺

I love seeing homeschooling families posts pics of their set up..It always gives me ideas. I see things I gotta have or better ways to situate things.

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Unknown said...

I'm dropping in from EC and mostly I don't comment but I had to say you are sooo organized! Wow! wish I was :)

Unknown said...

That didnt come out right! I comment a lot! lol, I mean I don't comment a lot to the ec drops :)


Unknown said...

Well thanks for stopping by! :) I know what you mean with EC, I drop and skim only if interests me and I have something to say on it do I comment. ♥♥♥

Brandy Ellen said...

I think that is a nice set up, looks very organized and like a real school setting! I commend you for home schooling, I have thought about homeschooling my sons but I just don't think I could keep up with that along with the other things I have to do to help make financial ends meat around here :-( Great job and thank you for visiting my blog today!

Not So Average Mama said...

Looks Awesome!!!

Check this out:

Dave said...

Put a fridge in there!!! You never know when you need a cold beer and cheese.

Your husband should never have to walk more than 5 steps to a beer!!



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