Raising Everything Under the Sun

 Hi!! Welcome to my "About" page.  This entry is all about who I am, what we do here and why the heck I'm doing it.  Sit back, read, enjoy and have a laugh. 

  I am a 31 year mother of four. Anthony is my oldest he's 9 and very active he's my little clown. Cody is 8 and a spitting image of Big Daddy. Wyatt just turned 4 and thinks he can run with the big guys, but still a little clumsy. Caitlin is 2 and my angel, she's so tiny but her voice makes up for it. No chance of her getting lost in the mix! I was lucky enough to have married my soul mate Tarry, or Hubby as I refer to him through out my blog. He's definitely my answered prayer. The Lord sure knows His stuff!  Well, that's my family. If you don't count the many many animals we have. But I'll get into that a little later.

I'm a stay at home mom and I home school my kids. So they're my job and I must be crazy enjoy it very much. It's tough and, lets be honest, unbearable some days... but they're too young to enlist it's worth it! My reason for schooling the kids myself was not a light decision made.  Hubby and I both were public school educated.  But between all the calls we got regarding my boys and what not, we chose that the best for our kids would be for me to school them.  Not that they're problem kids/ bullies or anything, more of "clowns" outspoken and low attention....wonder where they get that from??  Later, we found the kids to be behind on levels.  That was shocking to me to find that kids could just be pushed along.  But with hair pulling and yelling extra work we're getting them there.   

We're a very traditional family.  We believe that the man should be the main bread winner and Mom is the Queen home keeper.  Not that I judge anyone for what works for them.  I've worked outside the home before.  Sometimes ends don't meet, sometimes I wanna run away from home sometimes I need a break!  But, I was brought up with Dad working and Mom home with all us kids. So naturally there was no question. I'm also blessed to not have to work since Hubby handles that.  

This past year we spent gathering animals. Two by two. We're "trying" to get back to basics. We have pigs, chickens, goats, geese, ducks, dogs and cats. I may talk about them more since farming and raising animals is new to all of us. We're complete morons city folk trying our hand at raising farm animals.... So far it's been a learning experience! From bring up babies to slaughter it's definitely been eye opening. (And a little gross) But, we're trying to get back to basics, so I've learned to sew, raise the food and grow my own veggie garden which failed twice! I'll try that again in the spring (shh don't tell the rabbits.) Learning as we go is turning out to be very expensive. So I've read up on some of our falls.

Now that's most of my life and I'm glad to meet ya! Ya'll come back now ya hear!