I was recently contacted to review jerky from Who doesn't like jerky right?! It's loaded with protein, it's convenient, and has a great shelf life. So, happily (and hungrily) I accepted. has an array of meats they sell. From traditional beef jerky and turkey jerky, to exotic meats. Like venison, alligator, ostrich, buffalo, and elk. They even have fruit jerky! They also offer jerky in low calorie, low carbs, and even no MSG! Also, this is all hormone-free, free range, and all natural products. With 6 different flavors your sure to find a favorite!

My experience:
I tried the pineapple jerky. I was expecting something you'd find in a trail mix. Dry, hard, with somewhat of a natural flavor. I was dead wrong! Their pineapple jerky is moist, thick, tender, chewy, and just filled with it's natural flavor. Added.. a hint of honey. Creating a delicious combination! I love that it's hand sliced and comes whole not in tiny pieces. Perfect to pack up for a hike, camping, or fishing trip! Or just as a quick, healthy, all natural snack for the kids to tide them over. I think I've been spoiled now! How can I ever go back to the old dried fruit? The answer, I can't. I won't.

Fathers Day is coming up next month and with's military discounts you can send some and save! Our guys gave us a wonderful day, this would be a great way to return the favor! Go check out their great gift packages and order! While you're there, don't forget to enter your email to win some jerky!

Lowest price guaranteed and free shipping on featured orders!

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