Quick Easy Natural and YUMMY!! And One OMG!

I don't post recipes because I never measure and it always comes out different....but I wanted to share these really yummy summer treats with everyone!!

Big on home made yummys why buy it if you can make it, and make it healthier and get everyone involved!

First off it's so super easy and the kids love to create their own.

My summer smoothie:
1c. plain non-fat yogurt
1c. all natural 100% apple juice NOT CONCENTRATE NO SUGAR ADDED
1c. frozen fresh berries(your choice)

The night before I place different berries in the freezer so they're ready for the next day. I have the kids pick out what they want measure it out. They get to do the dumping into the blender and hold the lid. Blend it to the consistency you like and ta da! Summer smoothie! Our favorite is black berries, strawberries and blue berries all mixed together!

Another summer yummy:
Non fat frozen yogurt
fresh pineapple
fresh watermelon

This is so simple

I cut up the fruit and mash it up just a little by hand to leave big chunks but get lots of juice. You pour the fruit mix over the frozen yogurt and top with some homemade whip cream! ( I use splenda instead of sugar when I make the cream so I don't feel as guilty).

Or my mom would do vanilla ice cream inside cantalope Yummy!

Perfect beside the pool treats.

Now I wish I could say I always ate that way but sadly nooo.. Lucky for you I'm gonna share my MOST favorite homemade ice cream with ya!

This is my homemade Secret (so shhh) Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream
I like this because I don't have a ice cream maker and I don't see spending butt loads of money on one either! Why when I got arms right?! Work out a little before you indulge.

5) 1oz sq unsweetened chocolate, melted
1) 14oz Sweetened condensed milk
4) egg yolks
2t vanilla
2c. half and half
2c. whipping cream, whipped NOT NON-DAIRY WHIPPED CREAM
1c. chopped walnuts

In large bowl you beat the chocolate, condensed milk, eggs yolk and vanilla really good. Throw in the nuts and stir. FOLD in the cream you've whipped. (the more you whip it the better the ice cream so tire yourself out...and then keep whipping! Stop when your arms feel like falling off, it's worth it, trust me!) Pour into a 2qt container and freeze for at least 5 hours.(or until firm)
I promise this is the best chocolate ice cream you'll ever taste!

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