Gone Fishing!

Well were taking a quick day trip to the lake tomorrow. See how that new boat does!! I've been shopping and cleaning all day. Tonight I packed the kids goodie bags. A staple on our trips. Everyone gets baggies so theres no fights! Makes things easier and fun. They never know exactly what in them! Tonight I put an orange, grapes and carrots for them. Plus popcorn for the ducks and a granola bar as their sweet . Just a little something so their not whinning to get into the cooler every five minutes. ☺

In order for just a day trip to happen a lot of things need to be brought! The cooler is filled with drinks, hotdogs and sandwiches. The box has trash bags, cleaning wipes, towels, sunscreen, spare everything and toliet paper.....You never know what those facilites are like!

So we're off for Saturday.......

Yea right he wishes☺

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