Ways To Become More Self Reliant

Want some easy ways to get yourself on the path to becoming more self sufficient? Here's some things you can do.

Plant a garden and use homemade compost.
Learn to preserve foods and sundry so they last.
Collect rain water
Use solar water heating
Replace any inside light bulbs to the energy efficient
Turn off things not in use and unplug chargers
Use solar lighting for outside
Fish or hunt for food (fun and relaxing plus its free!)
Bake/Make as much from scratch
Learn to fix your own car/appliances/house
Try raising a few small animals for multi purposes: EX: ♥Chickens♥: meat/eggs/manure
Fruit trees
Don't buy disposable items.
Reuse plastic containers from grocery items (cottage cheese tubs)
Use the clothes line on sunny days
If you have to use a dishwasher make sure its full and let air dry
Check with your electric company and see if they offer a "time of use program."
Use the barter system, Craigs list is great
Pay with cash Work down Credit card debt.

Everyone situation seems to be changing these days. And it wouldn't hurt to become a little more comfortable with your abilities to take care of yourself. Especially now with economy the way it is. I would say write down incoming funds honestly then all expenses. Find out how much you could be saving if you just took some extra steps. The main thing is getting rid of all unnecessary expenditures. "Throw away" money. Like interest to credit cards. Pay those suckers down first. That's extra money in your pocket every month right there plus you have it in case of a "real emergency".

4 Sweet Comments:

Unknown said...

You're so right. I double think about the times I do laundry and mostly air dry dishes in the dish washer


Unknown said...

Child Safety Great Post! It's not as easy as it sounds either! I tried to plant tomatoes and failed miserably. It was an eye opener how spoiled I am but I am determined to be more self sufficient!

Julia said...

Found you on the Farm Divas. Love your blog name. And all your suggestions are right on the $. We do many of those things too. :)

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