What Men Do For Their Family

If you can't tell by now, we are a family of campers! We love to go to the lake, fish, be out in nature and hike. No distractions from Tv or anything. The longest we've ever camped out is 7 days!! And not in a fancy RV. Just us and our tents. Playing games, swimming, talking, just good family fun! But being a girl and all you kinda just have to say screw it to lost amenities and enjoy!

I grew up as a camper. We didn't go to fancy vacation spots. We went to the mountains! It was great. Mom would pack neat little treats and theres always something to do. My older siblings would go hiking up mountains with Dad. While my Mom, sister and me would do nature walks.

I always wanted a "guy" guy to do these things with. But I had for some reason liked prissy sissy boys that couldn't change a tire let alone keep me safe in the mountains. Hubby is awesome. He knows everything *swoon* there is to know about anything.

We love to fish. Scratch that he loves to fish I love riding on the boat and tanning. But the peacfulness is amazing. Last year at the lake (we try to go every year atleast once), our boat let us down. I ended up renting the Party Barge they have there. I didn't want Hubby to lose out. He works so hard and asks for little. But it spoiled us! We caught so much catfish we were in heaven! We were impulsive and went to check out brand new boats that weekend. Our was an oldie but goodie. We were looking at all the shiny newbies!

This was all before our "simple life" really started. We chickened out hours before they cashed our check. So we thought we had "Cheaper to Keep Her" til death do us part. Well, Hubby surprised us this week. Instead of spending all that money fixing her, he traded his Harley for a new-to-us boat! Yes I said his Harley! Now its not brand new or shiny, but it's newer than our oldie and it has six seats. Our old one had four. Theres drink holders, the pass through works, and we won't get stranded and have to use our trolling motor to get back!

Hubby loved his bike. But he says this is time to spend with the kids. He has years to be selfish when their gone. So true baby! I love this man! What a sacrifice.

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Dorothy said...

Sounds like your family has the right priories. Have wonderful trips..blessings.

dorothy from grammology

One Creative Queen said...

I just have one question...Does he have a brother?? bahaha

You DO have a good man. I don't think I've ever known - much less dated - a man who would do something like this. I'm jealous! ;)


Banteringblonde said...

awww he's awesome - my hubs is cool but I couldn't go camping with him... too many bugs!
btw i love your new look!

Unknown said...

Thanks yea I'm pretty lucky!
I had been working on a new page for a while it was so frustrating!! But I wanted something that said spring. ☺

Jerry K said...

That was the childhood I saw on TV and heard about but (sob) never had. My parents' idea of a vacation was going to Las Vegas while my siblings and I waited in the lobby as they gambled. Now that was roughing it.

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