Bring Me The Meat

I am in heaven!! Just look at this freezer. We finally bought this today from Lowes and I can't wait til it's filled! We should be getting the two pigs and goat back in a couple of weeks. We have two regular refrigerators but their freezers are always filled from our normal stock so we needed something to hold more..AND THIS DEFINITELY WILL!! It holds about 750lbs of food and has an extreme freeze setting, door ajar alarm, thermostat and it locks! Lets hope we don't loose the key! This monster is taller than our side by side fridge! Hubby is thinking cows now..... What are we doing here seriously???? COWS????? Mmmm cows.....

I wanted to show what we found wondering our old chicken coop... Snake season is here and thank goodness we moved those chickens!! This little guy was looking for dinner. He eventually went on his way. If there any snake savvy people that could tell me if this was poisonous, we know its not a rattlesnake but I'd like to know if its still dangerous.

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Anonymous said...

Ooooooohhh that freezer is purty..Soon as my peeps get on board with the livestock I'm getting one;)That snakes looks to me like it needs to be GONE!LMAO don't care to name it,just make it go away;)

Unknown said...

Love the freezer! I love having a full house of food. Just makes me feel complete!


Jerry K said...

I am totally jealous of your freezer, as Mrs. Jerry K is pretty cold to the idea of adding one. That tiny little section of the fridge is so poorly designed: too damn narrow, stuff falling out all the time. You should celebrate with some mail-order gourmet steaks or burgers or such, like Omaha steaks or Harris Farms.

Anonymous said...

oh, I need a deep freezer so badly.
My apartment fridge isn't big for anything!

Wow. I've never seen a actual snake in person, other then at the Zoo!!
You'd be laughing at me for days as I'd be running and screaming!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I am seething in jealousy of your freezer. We have a deep freezer, but I wanted a stand up one like yours, just no room. :(

I am, however, totally not jealous of your snake. LOL Good thing you moved the chickies!

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