My Mama

Tomorrow is Mothers Day and I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Mom stories.

First some background:

My mom is an incredible woman, strong, loving, funny, and purdy!! Always has been always will be! When we were growing up Mom stayed home with us and Dad worked. I'll always appreciate that sacrifice... With 4 kids, I'm sure she wished she could get away for a little while sometimes. From 4am til 12am she was going non-stop. She definitely was not a couch Mom! No way! She still to this day doesn't have a dish washer or dryer or any other appliance to make her life easier. She did the yard and the housework.

About 9 years ago she had a triple bypass and didn't still slow down. She was diagnosed with diabetes.... Still a busy bee. Last year she was hospitalized with pneumonia and sedated for weeks in ICU. That was hard. The doctors said she would need months of physical therapy to get back to being mobile like she was . She couldn't even raise a finger.

They wanted her in a "home" to get the Dr care 24/7..... NO WAY Dad brought her home. Had them come to her. Meanwhile, with the support of everyone in less that 2 months she was walking!! It was about this time last year she was released and she is already back to her old ways! Going non-stop. Though she is trying to take it easier. I'm very proud and blown away. Both of my Mom and Dad.

Now for my favorite memory:

I was in elementary school, not sure how this came about, but my Mom had decided to make a club for me and some of my friends. We called it the "Girls Club". We did art projects, we'd sew, and go swimming. It was so fun! It's not that she had a lot of free time to do this for me, but she made time. Those were probably my best times in elementary. I know to this day old friends have mentioned it. So, I know it meant a lot to them as well.

I have a lot to thank my Mom for. But, I think the biggest one comes from showing me how to be a mother. To not be selfish, to take pride in everything you try, and have fun with it. I know I'm nowhere near the mother she is, but I'm trying. I had too great of a role-model.

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