Those 4 Words Men Never Want To Hear...

"I Told You So!"

Why is it that men (the biggest kids in house), are the instigators, they encourage recklessness and rough housing...BUT.... when a child actually does get hurt, they're the first ones to call for your help and freak out???

Let me paint this for you all... Hubby is a 6ft 250lbs man who has done A LOT of crazy things in his days (too many to list, just know he's probably done it or talked someone into doing it).. The typical macho, fast driving, do-it-yourself, Harley riding, redneck of a man. OK, so this big tough guy encourages our boys to wrestle each others and do things I call "crazy" (he once talked a kid into eating a cricket we bought at Pet Smart for $5 and the kid did it!).

So, yesterday while we were shopping for my beautiful freezer at Lowe's the kids as usual were running around the store climbing on the freezers and jumping off. Hiding between things and just plain not listening... I'm furious! Yelling "politely" to 'get the hell off the damn appliances!' 'Stop running!' etc.. and Dear Hubby is telling me 'leave 'em, we're the only ones back here.' He wanted to get this shopping done with. Aren't all guys like that? In and out as fast as possible.

Well, I pick it out and we wait for the salesman. Meanwhile, I go off and track down my older boys who are somewhere in kitchen design. Then, I hear a wail unlike I've ever heard. I run to the back and I see Hubby's face bright red, big eyed, just holding our 4yr old to his chest. He couldn't even look at him. I pull Wyatt close to me and look at his face and there's blood just everywhere! He was running (in socks), slipped and face planted it on the cement floor. I had never seen a man turn to goo so fast. We rushed Wyatt to the first aid station and cleaned him up. He had a pretty good bump on the fore head, but no broken nose or teeth. I just give Hubby that evil eye like I told you something would happen! But he felt so bad. I did the little "follow Mommy's finger" and asked him who he was..etc. He was fine. But Hubby wanted to rush him to the ER. I thought do you know how many scary moments you missed while you were on the road? This one doesn't even come in the Top 5! Wonder what he would of done, if it was him here when Anthony fell on the side of his handlebar and sliced his eye brow almost off??? Hmmm.... Or the time nah, I'm not gonna gross you out.

Maybe now he'll understand bringing it down a notch with them. Maybe??

All I gotta say about Wyatt's incident is thank goodness we build em 'Ford Tough', cause if that was me, I wouldn't be here typing.... I'd be sipping my food thru a straw, high on some happy meds, and probably needing a chiropractor for the rest of my life!

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