Another Set Back

It took a lot to come to the decision of slaughtering Big Willy with the others. We made an appointment with the Ag Dept here at the University. But found a "guy" who would do it a little cheaper. Haul them for us and get it back to us a little faster. So dumb us agreed.

It wasn't until 2 days before we were to have them picked up that this "guy" decided he wanted to remodel his place. WTF?? We have a month long wait with the UofA, then a month waiting for him and now were have another month waiting back with the UofA.

I'm furious! I can't believe how he can run a business like that? Lessons learned yet again with this. I'm glad to have Big Willy for a little while longer. But, the others I'm ready to say C-YA! One of our bucks is in destruction mode. Hitting anything and everything with his horns. One sow may be preggers. We're shelling out 100+/wkly more on feed for these animals.

Not even the slaughtering part is going smoothly! We were looking forward to having our meat back next week.....Now it's looking like August since the UofA keeps them for 6weeks. So our appointment is now set for middle June and oh boy are we going to be ready!

On a high note our chickens are just so cute! I have an almost naked hen. She's the boss. Here lately for some reason I guess the less feathers you have the more important you are. This hen has absolutely no feathers from her head down her neck and back.. Just the wings and feet. At first I thought they must be picking on her so I watched a little...... Shes runs that coop! That's gotta be the best part is just sitting with my animals and watching how they have their own lives going on. Early spring we brought in some chicks and since their the newbies they have to prove themselves... I'll be taking some video of this is just so fascinating to me!

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