We Have Sprouted!

Let me just tell you how excited I am To see our first sprouts!! Ahh.... I found the first ones yesterday.
****************♥The pictures are kinda small so click to make them bigger♥***************

This one is going to give cucumbers! Yum or as the kids say "Our first pickle!"

Because the kids helped me...... "helped" .... We have a straggler. Its off where I didn't think we planted yet. The kids dropped a few seeds and I guess this was a survivor.... Can't wait to see what it is!

These are more cucumbers. I have 8 that popped up perfectly! So far so good.

We also had some green beans and carrots that sprouted! But I don't have those pictures yet.
Just so darn excited about this! I hope nothing gets to them. I did find small penny sized holes, but I haven't seen anything come from that. I just crush them down. Hopefully they aren't harvest ants wanting my leaves!

I love this time of year!!! 63 days til harvest!! Woo Hoo!!

Also wondering if it's to late to plant my corn and potatoes??? Anyone know? I'm going to have to look that one up. Pray I can still get them in. I hope I hope! Since our garden is real little in comparison to what needs to be planted Hubbys trying to get the potato area and corn area ready and tilled. Maybe another week til thats good to go. So maybe we'll miss this season and have to wait til next year. I want to have 4 square rows for corn and about the same size for the potatoes........

4 Sweet Comments:

MamaJoss said...

Oh it IS so exciting to see those little green sprouts show themselves -- good luck with your garden - post more photos as it grows for sure!

Unknown said...

That first sprout really gets you going, like ahhh finally all the smelly homegrown compost and back breaking planting and tilling its paying off!! We are like proud parents lol♥

Banteringblonde said...

OMG wait till you see my garden ... i love how you post the pics so I'm totally going to copy you so that I look just as talented! lol

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