Saying Goodbye To Two Icons

Today we all heard the news. Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with anal cancer. At the age of 62. She was best known for that gorgeous hair she flaunted in Charlies Angels! The Farrah hair. A true 70's icon. This picture hung in many guys bedrooms a sex symbol she was known for, you bet! The girl next door sexy. She also starred in many movies, "Logan's Run" (1976), "Saturn 3" (1980), "The Cannonball Run" (1981), "The Apostle" (1997) and "Dr. T and the Women" (2000). And the TV movie "Burning Bed". But it was her documentary that really let us in to the woman she is, and how cancer effected her life in so many ways. Her strength, her fears, and her love for her family. Farrah Fawcett will always be loved and missed by many.

Also, the world mourns the loss of Michael Jackson tonight as well. Very surprising since I hadn't heard anything was wrong with Michael Jackson. Reports are that he suffered a heart attack. Since this was just released somethings are still unclear. The events leading up to the attack and so forth. There are reports his Dr. was present when he had the heart attack and the DR tried reviving, but later called an ambulance. He died later at the hospital at the age of 50.

I can remember trying to do the thriller dance as a kid. Just his energy he put out with all his songs lets you know why he was donned the "King Of Pop". "Bad" was my all time favorite of his. He will be missed.

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