Knocked Out

Well, like I said in one of my last posts I wasn't feeling well. I went to the doctors and found out that on top of the vertigo I was having anxiety attacks?? Those were/ are horrible! They gave me some meds for it but all they do is knock me out. Then I'm too groggy to really do anything. Today was day one of not using them. I had an anxiety attack still but this time I only took 1/2 the pill. That seemed to work. Plus I distracted myself by talking to Mom on the phone. Phew... I've tried dropping and reading a few blogs, but until I can get this "thing" under control, I guess my posts maybe a little gaped. Sorry.

I wanted to do a little research on anxiety and find out why outta nowhere I get these episodes. All the Dr. said was "sometimes they just happen". I really hate taking anything stronger than aspirin, so maybe I can find something I can do. So far, I try to calm myself but all that happens is I freak out even more. But with the Valium nooottthhhiinnggg bothers me. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

I started having them after my baby was born and in the middle of a full blown attack my doc said "concentrate on your navel" I stopped crying and asked for the Valium LOL Only when needed tho I hate taking anything also,but it is what it is..nothing really wrong,just chemical imbalance after birth.I am def not a stressed person,mainly happens if I don't get enough sleep,so I am a notorious napper;) I was really bummed at first that I had to take something for it,I hated it really.But after it happens the first few times you don't feel so bad about taking the pill.Be well...

Unknown said...

My aunt started getting anxiety attacks after deciding to go back to college. She is 33 now. She hasn't gone to the doctor, but will call me. She can't figure out why they just started for her either, but it does run in our family as well. It sucks to take medication, but if it helps, I take it. Good luck to you. I hope you get it all worked out. :o)

Unknown said...

Thanks, yea I'm taking them (halfies..) It helps without making me fall asleep. With 4 kids and Hubby always at work, I can't exactly just be asleep for hours. :) The house may burn down. My oldest isn't exactly calm enough to handle all the little ones. :)

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