National Doughnut Day!!

For the last 70 years, the first Friday of June marks National Doughnut Day. It was started to help out with fund raising for the needy during the Great Depression.

Dunkin donuts will be giving away free donuts with purchase of any drink...
Krispy Kreme will be giving away 1per no purchase nessasary..
Maybe you're lucky enough to live near both?? Take advantage of this great offer and yum it up! Relax in the nice a/c, enjoy a doughnut with the kids and have an iced coffee. A great escape from this summer heat.

Also with Dunkin Donuts they will be announcing their first winner of the "Create the Next Dunkin Donut" with over a 130,000 creations submitted, the lucky one will receive $12,000! Wasn't me...

Don't forget tomorrows the day! Tell your friends!

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