My Garden Has Started..Finally

Finally we were able to plant a few seeds.. I'm about 2 months behind on this, but I guess better late than never. On top of that since it is so late I decided to start all the seeds directly in the garden instead of inside little cups. We're having a fairly mild June, nowhere near the 100+ temps we normally have, hopefully that helps. It's our first time starting them out as seeds in the garden.

I wanted to get them in the ground before the monsoon hit. I've got okra, green beans, lettuce, peas, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. We still need to do the corn, potatoes and pinto beans. Those will go outside the little garden fences.

I've always wanted a corn field. Always. I know that sounds wierd, but theres something about walking through them. I'm also very scared of them LOL. On Halloween we have to do the corn maze in the dark with flashlights. I haven't worked up the nerve to do the haunted corn maze yet but maybe when the boys are older.

We wont have a corn "field" but just a couple of rows of each. I'm so excited. Since our last flop at the veggies growing last year, I've been dying to try again. This will be our first year "knock on wood" we'll have homegrown veggies! WooHoo! I hope we see a sprout soon! And you know me.... There will be pictures♥

6 Sweet Comments:

Tina said...

its great you take a before pic. cant wait to see the after!

john said...

I love corn fields too. I tried two years in a row with no luck (but it was really small) the ants attached You have a huge garden, your so lucky

Nedekcir said...

I just started today June 14. Not that we are not getting warm weather but with too much rain my garden is very muddy.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic,great fence;)

Not So Average Mama said...

I miss having a garden! I can not wait to move back out to the country!

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