No Honey I Haven't Forgotten....

As we know it's coming up... Father's Day! Woo Hoo! Hubbys been dropping hints on those dang Dad's Day commercials like I'd forget! I'm not a man! Of course we remember, right?

Yes, I've been sick. Yes, I've been unconscious mostly. But I'm not in a dang coma. Actually I've been feeling a lot better. I found a couple of great sites on anxiety and understanding why I'm getting panic attacks daily. So, I'm trying to do the breathing techniques and busy work and knowing this too shall pass helps. Today was day two of not taking a single pill.

But this post is not about my craziness, it's about that guy. The greatest guy. Our Dads, and Hubby's and any Father figure you have in your life. My Dad is an awesome man. As Dads should be. I was never a "Daddy's girl" or anything, but my Dad showed us what to look for in a man. He's my Mom's high school sweetheart, always worked hard for everything, very proud and never asked for a hand out, and loves us kids very much! I don't think there's ever been a time he wasn't there for me.

Growing up with such a great role model it made it very easy to know who was a good guy and who to just walk away from. Although, my Hubby on the outside may have not been my Fathers idea of a suitable husband for me. He's was tattooed and this rocker looking guy. But he's proven to be a very perfect fit for me. Scarily perfect.

Hubby is a great father. He's always thinking of the kids, and what their needs are. Example, he sold his Harley for them, remember! I'm grateful that the Lord knew exactly who to send me. I couldn't picture life with anyone else as my kids father. Best of all, Caitie, is a "Daddy's girl" and will settle for nothing less than to be treated as well from her Husband as Daddy treats her. And the boys have a great example of what a man is to become.

I love the men in my life, our providers and our protectors.

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