When You Raise Your Food They Show You Love!

This was just such a happy surprise! I was making dinner tonight and I went to flip my chicken over and got a real treat! I know I'm not a chef or a photographer but I just had to show you this. I guess I could of wiped the side of the plate, but I was in a hurry to post this. I know...... my life is empty if I find this my highlight of the day.

I love my chickens and feed them well, and even when their gone they show me love!


I'm saving this piece for Hubby after work tonight!

3 Sweet Comments:

Fiona said...

LOL!!! That is pretty cool - you should have put it on ebay!

Stephanie said...

That looks really yummy!!

B Boys Mom said...

I could tell it was made with love! How fun that it has a heart on it. :)

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