Trashy Thursdays

Well change of plans. Who's knows me better than me? Mom! I was telling her my thoughts on this project, and she says, "you'll never go through that trash and pull out recyclables". Which is true I probably wouldn't! I'd have Hubby. ☺

This was her idea to place those to be recycled into a cardboard box. So I did.

Thanks Mom!!

Trash Day 12


How horrible to see all your junk food staring back at you. The kids don't get it very often. So the next time they whine about how I never buy them yummies, I'm showing them this!


Honestly I thought I'd have more trash than this! I do have a half filled one inside. Hey that's pretty good though.

2 Sweet Comments:

Stacie said...

Wow! Look at you!! I'm pretty darn impressed.

Anonymous said...

Thats so Green of you!
I'm so proud. LOL

What kind of product was it?

Are you wanting me to enter you in The Slanket giveaway since you left a comment on that post?

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