Isn't She Lovely.....

Well, I'm sure these pictures say it all!

My daughter got into my makeup, like most daughters do, thank goodness it wasn't my "good" makeup. But I was just speechless. She was so proud of how pretty she made herself. Not only make up but my face cream too. So she had a mess going!




How cute is she!

4 Sweet Comments:

Jennifer said...

What a cutie! She did a great job. :)

JLB said...

Wow, she should do the makeup for broad way :)

Gee I can't wait for those days, bet she had a cute smile though when she showed you :D

Kelly said...

Luh-uvvvvv the second pic! Those lips :) She's a doll.

whoopsadasie said...

She is such a doll!

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