Follow Me Friday

This is my first Follow Me Friday, the purpose of this is to shine a light on a follower. I got this great idea from On The Verge.

I am shining mine on Stacie a great mother to a beautiful little girl Madison.

Click here to go:

I got to know Stacy thru another one of her blogs she co wrote Olivia and Logan. Words just can't explain this blog. Never before had I been swept away in words for hours. I kid you not I went back 2 years! Read each one. Cried along the way. Beautifully done really. It's one you won't get tift at the music just playing. I urge my readers to read them both.

If you would like to join in, all you do is first, please sign Mr. Linky below, grab a badge write a short description about one of your followers and link back to my blog. It's that simple!

3 Sweet Comments:

Stacie said...

Veronica! Thanks so much for tagging me on your Follow Me Friday post. It was a great suprise on this Friday morning. I really enjoy your blog and think it is great that you chose me.
Happy Friday!!

kate said...

hey fellow follow me friday-er...thanks for stopping by my blog!

kate said...

hello fellow follow me friday-er...thanks for stopping by my blog!

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